About Fairway Estates

Our Company

Fairway Estates subscribes to an ethic of high standards and high expectations. Open, honest, frequent, and complete communications are a must for all parties when it comes to building beautiful Oregon Coast homes. We will collaborate with you, your builder, and your lender at every turn to ensure everything is completed in a timely and professional manner.

Meet The Developer
Michael Pearson

Licensed as a real estate broker at the age of 19 and owner of a residential real estate company at the age of 21, Michael knows real estate. Over the course of his career he has purchased, sold, rehabilitated and remodeled single-family homes. He has also worked on multi-family complexes, residential subdivisions, and commercial/industrial properties, which included property management.

In the course of his neighborhood developments, Michael has collaborated with architects, interior designers, contractors, geologists, civil engineers, and city planners. He’s worked to address environmental and aesthetic concerns, improve traffic flow, and mitigate water storage, containment, and distribution issues. He knows what it takes to build a neighborhood to bring people together and see residents enjoy an excellent quality of life.

A heart for compassionate service, Michael has demonstrated his leadership qualities in many community organizations such as Boys & Girls Club, Kiwanis International, Rotary International, and other child and family relief non-profit organizations.

Michael is married to the love of his life, and business partner, Nancy. Together they enjoy golf, fishing, karaoke, travel, and time with family. Just prior to the development of Fairway Estates, Michael and Nancy were co-owners of Sandpines Golf Links (now Florence Golf Links)—the beautiful course adjacent to Fairway Estates homesites. 

4000 Rhododendron Dr.
Florence, OR 97439
just north of 35th Street